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Clare Jordan

(336) 793-6001

My oldest daughter used to say that her Mommy's job is to "make friends." She's right. I am among those fortunate few who truly love their job, and keeping our CapDev finger-on-the-pulse of the nonprofit sector by meeting and talking to "friends" since joining the firm in 2006 is a true pleasure for me. 

My role at CapDev incorporates the ideal combination of my zest for volunteerism and my background in nonprofit management, including 12 years in marketing and development director positions. Not only do I meet and talk with potential new CapDev clients, determining how best we can help, but I also dedicate CapDev resources to studying philanthropic data and news in order to share our knowledge-base, engaging in philanthropy through workshops and conferences. 

While a student at N.C. State University, I was asked by Habitat for Humanity International to start a Campus Chapter. Relying on both my naivety and my enthusiasm, I rallied like-minded students and honed my fundraising skills to get us started. I learned from the best: my father, who worked in university and museum development and ran a large nonprofit for many years. We built our first Habitat house that year, it is still a thriving campus organization, and I am now Chair the Advisory Council for NCSU's Institute for Nonprofits.

It is that kind of impact that drives us all to stay engaged with the nonprofit world, where we get the thrill of working with people who truly care about advancing visions into new and exciting realities that make our world a better place. That is sharing the joy of generosity, and that is the reason that all of us at CapDev do what we do – because we love this work.

In addition to work, I continually find myself engaged with a number boards at any given time (the latest addition is the UNC School of the Arts Board of Visitors where is serve as the Advocacy Chair), and I relish time with my family – the chaos of raising our four children and the time to relax on the porch by the river with a good book – all with great gratitude for those who have shared their philanthropic spirits with us.

So when your nonprofit needs professional counsel, let's talk – it's what I do, and I love hearing from my friends.

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