Podcast: The Art and Science of Asking for Money (with Brian Saber)

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Podcast: The Art and Science of Asking for Money (with Brian Saber)

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Asking for money can be hard for many people. But why? Why do so many people find it terrifying to ask for money, even for organizations they care deeply about? My guest today has developed something I think is smart and innovative that really helps folks overcome this anxiety.

Brian Saber has spent his entire career asking for money for nonprofits. He’s done it all; from telethons, to university fundraising, to being an Executive Director.

Brian is a sought after trainer, coach, and consultant, both in the US and abroad. He developed major donor campaigns, conducts feasibility studies, creates training programs, and coaches top-level staff to take their fundraising to the next level. With his co-founder Andrea Kihlstedt, Brian founded Asking Matters, a consulting firm that trains people how to ask for money and motivates them to do well.

He helps people get away from feeling emotionally overwhelmed and gets right to the art and science of the ask.

Brian does not find fundraising terrifying – I don’t either. Actually, we love it and find it incredibly rewarding (and, yes, we are both sane). We will share with you how you can overcome your fears and be passionate about raising money for the cause you believe in. Have a listen and then put Brian’s great advice into action in your own fundraising efforts.

In This Episode:

  • What to do if you have no fundraising experience whatsoever
  • The 4 different asking styles
  • Why you might do your best fundraising with a partner
  • How to create an institutional relationship with your donors (and why that’s critical)
  • Rules for board fundraising


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