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Giving USA  projects an estimated $41 trillion transfer of wealth to next generations by 2050. Gifts directly to nonprofit organizations alone may exceed $6 trillion.  If the current trends continue, individual, bequest and family foundation giving, all directly affected by the transfer, will account for 88% of total giving.

Charitable giving to educational institutions has long held one of the largest shares of philanthropy.  In 2009, $40 billion of the $307.75 billion recorded charitable gifts were given to these institutions. 

Are you getting your share of the $40 billion slice?

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Total Giving by Source – 1970 -2009

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Are you staffed to get your fair share?
To manage these gifts colleges and universities must be staffed with qualified, energetic individuals with specific acumen for cultivating relationships with alumni and donors.  This competitive market demands the best, and it is essential that institutions of higher education develop their advancement teams to ensure their universities and colleges continue to receive these sought after charitable dollars. 

According to numerous sources cited in the Chronicle of Higher Education and the Chronicle of Philanthropy, current demands for advancement positions have been constant despite the weak economy, relative to other positions.  Forecasts predict continued growth in this field as more institutions of higher learning and other nonprofits grapple with public funding reductions and/or finding ways to offset inevitable tuition increases. Capital Development Services notes that the field for mid to senior level advancement positions will continue to be a highly sought, highly competitive career path.  Two key qualifications will trend toward 1) education requirements beyond the undergraduate level, particularly for those transitioning into advancement, and 2) qualified, progressive track record of successful experience.  Additionally, experience in planned giving will be heightened given the graying trend of America, as well as the ability to relate to the growing diverse alumni and overall population of the U.S.

Capital Development Services’ Executive Search team specializes in identifying senior level staff in the non-profit sector.  The dynamic blend of executive search and fundraising consulting is the foundation of the success of Capital Development Services.


Benefits of using Capital Development Services for your next search:

• Proactive outreach to seek the most qualified candidates
• 25+ years of successful search experience
• Clear understanding of the needs and aspirations of colleges and universities
• Unique perspective of development expertise
• Thorough knowledge of the nonprofit marketplace


Current Open Searches:

• Morehead-Cain Foundation, UNC – Chapel Hill, Director of Development
• Wake Forest University, Assistant Dean of Development, School of Divinity


Highlighting Successful Searches at Wake Forest University:

• Assistant Dean of Development, School of Law
• Assistant Dean of Development, School of Business
• Assistant Vice President of Development, Wake Forest College
• Regional Director of Development, Washington DC Region

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