Campaign Success Announced at Transitions LifeCare

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Under the leadership of Dr. Billy Dunlap, Brenda Gibson and Thad Woodard, and the staff direction of Kristye Brackett, Vice President of Philanthropy, Transitions LifeCare, founded as Hospice of Wake County, announced their Power of 10 Capital Campaign has surpassed its $6 million goal! “With great community philanthropic support and future commitment to our programs, our Dunlap Center for Caring will now expand its facility adding 10 additional rooms,” reported CEO, John Thoma, in making the announcement in early July.

“Since 2005, over two capital campaigns and despite very difficult economic times, we have raised over $20 million in philanthropic support, a remarkable achievement and a response from our community, that we are a top philanthropic priority,” said Thoma. “We could not be more proud here, at Transitions LifeCare to abide by our mission that will serve anyone who is medically eligible and needs care. We could not be more proud….”

Speaking of Kristye Brackett’s role in completing the campaign, Dr. Billy Dunlap said, “I am so appreciative of what you have accomplished in less than a year- we would have eventually finished the campaign, but not this quickly…and the really exciting thing is that you are just getting started in your fundraising and friendraising. We have only seen the tip of the iceberg!”

Now that the capital campaign goal has been reached, Brackett and her team are working on other funding priorities identified by the Board of Directors that include:
• Transitions Kids
• Palliative Care
• Education and Community Outreach, and
• Transitions GriefCare, as well as ongoing support for hospice, home health, and the hospice home.

CapDev is proud to have played a role with Transitions in all of their major campaign and development capacity-building work!

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