Crossnore Communities for Children

Crossnore (formerly The Children’s Home) in Winston-Salem is emerging from a 100 year history of sheltering western North Carolina’s most vulnerable children and families toward a new century of engaging communities to actively share its mission to heal and support those most at risk.

The goal of the Goodness Grows Here Campaign is opening doors and welcoming the community to this urban parkland – where children of all ages grow together with garden plants and farm animals. As a result, Crossnore and the Campaign are introducing a host of effective new programs addressing child abuse, learning and behavioral challenges, homelessness, and teen pregnancy. And it does so thanks to bold new business and civic leaders transforming what was once hidden and sheltered into a community passion to grow children and families that are ready for life’s challenges.

“The Children’s Home and the services it historically provided as a home for orphaned children has now been transformed to a children’s home that serves the current needs of families and children of today and this new century of service and need,” said board member, Jane Hanes. “The community was relatively unaware of the many services provided by The Children’s Home and the needs being met by this underserved population. The capital campaign and CapDev have brought community and civic leaders on board to help to enhance the visibility, awareness and financial support of the home for their vital mission.”