Ravenscroft School

Private schools have always sought to raise funds beyond the cost of tuition. Recently, though we have seen growth in the number and in the goals of major campaigns for independent schools in our region.

Working most recently with schools such as Ravenscroft in Raleigh, Hammond in Columbia, Episcopal Day School in Augusta, and Charlotte Latin School, CapDev is being asked to counsel more schools as they plan major initiatives to build both capital and endowment projects, as well as keep those annual campaigns thriving.

The Ravenscroft Story

A feasibility study had been completed and campaign plans were underway when CapDev was asked to help provide some strategic guidance for Ravenscroft’s campaign. A unique new approach to leadership in K-12 education, the concept needed a compelling case and strong leaders to share the school’s story with potential top donors.

As of this summer, specifics of the campaign are still in a quiet phase so limited information is public, but a visit the school’s website shows more of what is happening with the “Embrace Possibility” campaign. Campaign chairs have been enlisted and lead gifts are underway, with lots of exciting news to come. Campaign objectives include embracing a concept the school calls “Lead From Here.” Ravenscroft homepage shares a very nice video capturing its unique curriculum that prepares students to be leaders in our global world using a model from the Center for Creative Leadership, and introduced by the school’s own dynamic leader, Doreen Kelly, Head of School.

Watch this space for more news when announcements become public.