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A Letter from the President of Capital Development Services

These days have turned our collective world upside down. Everyday seemingly yields new challenges and disruptions to us all – nonprofits, those you serve, your staff, leaders and supporter.This pandemic may be the greatest challenge to everything your mission has accomplished and possibly affect how you will deliver your mission going forward.

We want you to know that CapDev is in this with you. We share your concerns about how to fund and fulfill your mission, how to engage your board and how to connect with distracted donors during “social distancing” times. We know you worry about your team, those you serve and how to maneuver your organization through the health care scare that is adversely impacting what was just until recently a strong economy.

We at CapDev are committed to doing all we can to help nonprofits weather this storm. In order to leverage our team, resources and experience, CapDev is immediately implementing these critical tools to provide assistance and resources for our clients and to the sector as whole:

1.”CapDev Check-up Clinic” – A new orange button appears at the top of our website’s home page to provide instant access and critical updates on philanthropy throughout the sector; concrete tips to help your organization during these times; and current examples of how CapDev clients and other nonprofits are raising their game to connect with donors and demonstrate impact and value.

2.Generously Speaking – We are launching an innovative new podcast, where you can hear directly from area philanthropists, foundation executives, corporate leaders and others who share their experience, insights, and ideas on managing through this pandemic.

3.Action Ideas Emails – All CapDev contacts and new subscribers will receive curated information and resources through increased email communications, including advice from our senior counsel team.

4.Social Media – CapDev will boost our presence on LinkedIn and Facebook to share easy access to content from our podcasts and email blasts, all designed to help you sustain and build stronger donor relationships.

5.“Online” Office Hours – CapDev is open for business and available by phone, video calls, text, emails. We will respond ‘virtually’ but with the full resources of our dedicated team.

What we know from our 35 years of experience was expressed in a recent quote, “donors are not shutting down!” As in past financial setbacks and health scares, donors want to know you care and empathize with them; in return they want you to know they care and will remain your ally. How you manage these relationships in the interim will undoubtedly determine how well your organization will recover from these unnerving times. We at CapDev have worked through crises in the past, and are prepared to do so again.

Whether you are a CapDev client or not, we will do our part as trusted advisors to nonprofits, sharing our expertise with the sector as we face this crisis together, so that we may overcome together and continue the good work of changing the world for the better.

Allan Burrows, President 

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