Check-Up Clinic: Tips from Clients

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The Director of Philanthropy at Transitions LifeCare (formerly Hospice of Wake County) in Raleigh, NC launched into high stewardship mode quickly when our world started changing with the threat of COVID-19.

They made the decision to start outreach calls to their top donors and this is how it worked:

  1. The CEO placed calls to the agency’s top 10 donors
  2. The Director of Philanthropy made calls to the next 100 donors
  3. The Philanthropy Officer called the next 150 donors
  4. A personalized eBlast written by the CEO was delivered to all reassure all supporters of how the agency is helping indigent families at this time and sharing gratitude for their ability to cover the costs of their services with their over 500 employees in the field.

This is true stewardship in action: 260 important contact and many more reached by email just in the first few days of the pandemic hitting home.

*Many other CapDev clients have undertaken similar efforts. One museum client, NC Museum of Art, even had guards helping place calls to supporters. They can really tell the front-line story of impact on the museum!

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