Exciting CapDev Announcement!

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As Capital Development Services (“CapDev”) marks its 37th year this month, the philanthropy consulting and executive search firm announces recent promotions to recognize achievements and ongoing growth of this well-recognized company.

Ann Bennett-Phillips, who is celebrating 15 years with the firm as a partner, will become president. Allan Burrows, a partner who has spent over 27 years with the company with the last 15 years as president, will become chief executive officer. Clare Jordan, who also has 15 years with the company, will move from director of marketing to vice president. Aside from the changes in titles, Clare Jordan’s role has expanded from director of marketing to now include increased client engagement and broadened involvement in the social sector on behalf of the firm. All changes will become effective January 1, 2022.

Burrows announced the changes this month, saying “As CapDev continues to grow and serve the nonprofit sector, it is important to recognize the critical role that the CapDev team plays and their dedication to ensure client success. These title promotions highlight key personnel who continue to demonstrate their role in making CapDev a leader in the field of philanthropy and executive search. I am excited about the company’s trajectory and its dynamic service to the nonprofit sector.”

Founded in NC in 2004 and headquartered in Winston-Salem for the past 15 years, CapDev partners exclusively with nonprofit clients throughout North Carolina and surrounding states in the Southeastern U.S. With a focus on delivering strategic guidance in relational philanthropy which achieves campaign and search success to build long-term nonprofit sustainability, CapDev has worked with hundreds of nonprofits, colleges and major universities, faith communities, and arts and environmental organizations. The firm also tracks social sector industry trends and is known for providing engaging presentations in dozens of area conferences.

“CapDev is known for our client-focused relationships, our extensive knowledge of and relationships with philanthropic leaders in Southeast, and experienced and thoughtful advice to provide nonprofits the tools to do the good work they do even better,” said Bennett-Phillips. “We are making these changes to build and expand the firm’s leadership in the field of nonprofit consulting.”

“The new titles reflect the stature of our work and expanded responsibilities,” said Jordan, also with the firm since 2006. “It is a privilege to strategize and guide our client partners in enhancing their abilities to serve their communities. And I feel fortunate to take more a leadership role in our company now as well.”

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