Getting it Right on Giving Tuesday

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Every nonprofit feels compelled to participate in Giving Tuesday, but what separates those whose appeals attract the most support? CapDev offers a few tips to consider from this year’s examples:

  1. Keep it simple. Resist the urge for words. We know you have a lot to say, but no one is going to take the time to read a text-heavy email solicitation on Giving Tuesday. Share a concise, clean message with an easy call to action. Our client, The First Tee of the Triangle did a great job of this on the photo example shown here.
  2. Include a challenge. The First Tee example includes a matching gift that continues through year-end, a good incentive to give today or in the next few weeks. A recent study also suggested that challenges encouraging contributions from 3 out of 10 recipients of their request to result in making their goal are most often successful.
  3. Lead with a photo. Entice readers with a good photo before putting any print on the page. Donors heartstrings are pulled more by good photography than any words you can use to get their attention.
  4. Get a good button. Make sure your call to action is easy to find and functional by embedding a link to your giving page in a big, colorful button on your email.
  5. Visit your own website. Go to your site and try to make a gift. Is it easy to find? How do you come across? Keep in mind that words like, “Give NOW” don’t always appeal to donors. Start your giving page with a nicely worded message about why gifts to your organization are critical and how donors make an impact with their giving. (Read more tips on your website giving page in our recent article posted here.)

Finally, remember that “Giving Tuesday” doesn’t have to be today. You can always select a day that is meaningful to your organization and make it your own giving day. CapDev client UNC School of the Arts does a great job of this by focusing on their founding date as a major solicitation opportunity for annual giving. One of their giving amount options is $19.65 for their founding year, 1965, an amount anyone would consider.

Happy Giving to All Today – and Everyday!

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