Insights to Future-Proof Your Fundraising [INFOGRAPHIC]

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The State of Modern Philanthropy 2021: Future-Proofing Your Fundraising reveals insights on fundraising success in the wake of a tumultuous year. While Classy’s annual report always seeks to explore the latest in donor behavior and offer insights that help organizations grow and scale, this edition focused on the strategies that not only proved effective but served as a means of strategic safeguarding into the future.

From stats on conversion and acquisition to retention and supporter experience, check out the infographic below to get a peek at the data from the 2021 report. Download the full report for a more detailed analysis and findings.

Download Now: The State of Modern Philanthropy 2021

Insights for Future-Proof Fundraising Success

Insights to Future-Proof Your Fundraising Success

See How Future-Ready Your Nonprofit Is Today

It’s one thing to track metrics, and another to understand the story they tell about where your organization is today and what the most valuable actions to take for the future will be.

We created a free Benchmark Assessment to surface actionable fundraising takeaways based on your organization’s current metrics. You can now get instant access to new opportunities for growth based on the success of Classy’s most innovative and passionate nonprofit customers. Get instant results with a few minutes of your time to make sure no donation is left on the table to support your cause.

Benchmark Your Fundraising Performance

Achieve Success Backed by Timely Fundraising Data

The organizations best-positioned to grow and scale in the face of uncertainty are the nonprofits that leverage a healthy mix of online fundraising campaigns and tactics. Dive into The State of Modern Philanthropy 2021: Future-Proofing Your Fundraising to explore the strategies that proved fruitful and learn how to apply the data to your own approach. 

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