St. Martin’s-in-the-Fields Breaks Ground in Columbia, SC

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CapDev is excited to share in the celebration of our client, St. Martin’s-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church in Columbia, South Carolina. St. Martin’s held its much anticipated groundbreaking at the church this past Sunday as the $2 million capital campaign, “New Space in a Familiar Place,” has paved the way for a new educational building.

You may wonder why the photo shows a child holding a rock. Well, this is a nice story…

Following a special procession to the space where their new building is to be built, the rector led a litany for the occasion, and each parishioner was provided with a large river rock. Members could write a favorite verse of scripture, their name/date, whatever they wanted, on the rocks. The rocks were then collected in a wheelbarrow and blessed, and they will be placed in the foundation of the new building by the contractor (also a parishioner of the church). The rocks are not intended to be seen, but rather serve as a symbolic gesture of the foundation the church is building in its “New Space in a Familiar Place.”

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