Top 10 Social Media Tools for Your Nonprofit Communication

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By Kristy Fontelera

As we know, social media continually evolves. Algorithms and machine learning change literally every day. So, what might have worked for your nonprofit a week ago might not work the next. It’s also essential to make sure you get your social media efforts right to attract prospects and donors to your cause.

That’s why we are constantly testing out new social tools and management resources. We want to do the work for the incredible nonprofits out there doing amazing things every day.

Today, we’re going to list some of the best social media tools you should consider for your nonprofit. As we know, conversational marketing is essential to the success of your organization. The tools we suggest here will help you focus on your donors and prospects, and alleviate much of the stress in making sure you’re doing well on social media.

1. Canva

Our team loves putting out beautiful images because it’s true that a picture is worth a 1,000 words. Why do we love Canva? Well, it makes anyone a designer. It has thousands of professional-quality templates, which will make your posts look amazing.

2. TweetDeck

As we know, Twitter is still an essential social media platform. Many nonprofit and other industry journalists use the platform for sharing information. TweetDeck allows you to tweet, engage, measure and organize your tweets and relationships in real-time.

3. Sprout Social

As for social media management, Sprout Social consistently ranks as one of the best overall tools in various surveys. While its starting price is high compared to its competitors, its functionality is broad. Moreover, you could use it with all of the top social media platforms.

4. Brandwatch

Nonprofit brands know it’s essential to monitor the conversations happening in their space. That’s where Brandwatch comes in because it lets you see what’s happening in the industry. Also, it allows you to monitor trends, keywords and other brands, giving you the chance to get into trending conversations.

5. Tailwind App

One of the awesome things about social is its reliance on images. Tailwind gets that, and it focuses on Pinterest and Instagram. It helps you know what time to post, which influencers could be good for you, and what hashtags to use. In short, your nonprofit could become a leader on those platforms with this tool.

6. MeetEdgar

As we know, a lot of nonprofits have a tight budget. If you happen to be one of them, MeetEdgar could be for you. Using this tool allows you to schedule and pulls from your content library to repost articles and older content, which helps you increase visibility.

7. Later

A shout-out to the team of Later. We admit we love using this tool for our social media, especially Instagram. But, it’s also great for Linkedin, Pinterest and even TikTok. (Check out a recent article about taking your brand onto TikTok.) Later is easy for planning, scheduling and understanding your metrics on social.

8. Ripl

As we know, social is all about building relationships, but first, you’ve got to catch the attention of people. And that means your branded content has to look great. Ripl’s an excellent resource for video and image content creation. Also, Ripl’s an easy-to-use tool with templates you could edit and share for your content.

9. Animoto

Don’t feel confident creating great videos to share? No worries. All you’ve got to do is get Animoto. With its drag and drop functionality, it makes it super easy to create high-quality videos. Moreover, you could use its free plan for the Getty images library!

10. Google Analytics

Finally, we have to recommend the free Google Analytics tool. As we know, you have to understand how social drives traffic and moves people to convert to your site, and that’s what Google Analytics helps you learn. Check out Channel Acquisition to see which social platforms drive traffic to your website.

As nonprofit marketing teams understand, social media requires a comprehensive strategy, planning and measurement. And social is one element of your complete digital marketing strategy. As a web, all of it is interdependent. So, having great social media tools is essential for making sure you get it right for your brand and the mission you serve.

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