Why You Should Still Include Direct Mail in Your Donor Engagement Strategy and How to Make Your Efforts More Personal

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By Nick Wood

When building relationships with supporters and donors and building out your donor engagement strategy, it’s important to make donors feel valued. While you should continue to send online appeals and meet them where they’re at online, you might want to consider reaching out to them in a more traditional way: direct mail. How many emails hit your Inbox every day? Although you might love hearing from a nonprofit via email, you probably don’t get warm and fuzzy feelings when reading it. However, receiving an unexpected letter in the mail can offer a completely different experience.

Why you should reach out to your supporters via direct mail

Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider sending direct mail as part of your donor engagement strategy:

  • You’ll stand out against the sea of virtual interactions.
  • You’ll show a personal touch and care toward your donor.
  • You can send more content in one piece of mail.
  • Your message will be processed by multiple senses rather than just one.
  • You can leverage your donor management software to help you send these appeals.

How can you add a personal touch to your direct mail efforts?

To help your direct mail efforts stand out even more, consider adding personal touches. This might look like:

  • Adding unique rubber stamps
  • Including stickers your recipients can put on their laptops, mugs, or around their house
  • Writing a personal note or including one from a constituent your nonprofit helped
  • Signing the letter by hand

Learn more about how you can improve your direct mail appeals in this blog post. What else would you include in your donor engagement strategy?

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